Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Announced For Worldwide Release In Early 2015

Capcom has confirmed the release of Monster Hunter 4 in the west with the announcement of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate(Monster Hunter 4G in Japan).

The game is scheduled for a release on early 2015. It is going to come exclusively on the 3DS and will contain all the additions found in Monster Hunter 4G.

Monster Hunter is an extremely popular series in Japan. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been meet with the same kind of reception and popularity in the west. Nevertheless, this localization announcement is a good news for everyone, especially for Monster Hunter fans who can’t understand Japanese.

You can check out the announcement video below.


Capcom announced earlier this day that they will release a new version of Monster Hunter in Japan this fall, it was titled Monster Hunter 4G. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be based on this version of the game.

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