Monster Hunter World: Coral Highlands Rare Ore And Bone Piles Infinite Mining

Monster Hunter World requires the player to obtain a decent chunk of resources in order to build their ultimate weapons and armors. This requires you to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of material available for upgrades and developing the new weapons and armor, otherwise the game can be tricky to beat.

While we have already covered Wildspire Wastes, the same reddit user has now shared a infinite mining guide for Coral Highlands. This requires you to spawn near the require camp site in order to complete your run through the map. If you manage to get through a clean map run, you should be able to find these materials replenished so that you can continue with your next run. The detailed path that is outlined in the map below is the one that needs to be followed.

Monster Hunter World is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. It will launch in Fall 2018 for the PC. This has proven to be a surprise hit for Capcom who have long struggled to make the IP popular in the West.

Monster Hunter World has already shipped 5 million copies worldwide making it the fastest and best selling game in the franchise. It also seems to have a rather strong hold as it has retained its first position at the top of charts.

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