Monster Hunter World Event Quest Schedule Updated, Aloy’s Armor Quest Dated

Monster Hunter World has received an update for its event quest schedule. This update also finally adds a date and the requirements to undertake the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration part 2 which is for the Aloy’s Armor.

The first update to the event quest schedule can be seen here and it confirmed the date for the Street Fighter V collaboration in Monster Hunter World.

The quest to get Aloy’s Armor will start from February 28th. It is available exclusively for the PS4 along with the Street Fighter V challenge quest. You will need to be hunter rank 11 in order to attempt the quest which is called “The Proving” and requires you to hunt an Anjanath. It is a level 6 difficulty quest so it won’t be easy to tackle here unlike the previous Palico gear quest that was also a collaboration event for Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World is not an easy game to get into, and if you need further help, check out our guides on the Wildspire West, Coral Highlands, Elder’s Recess, or how to get the Plunder Blade for Palico. There is also a list of all the mantles and boosters that can be obtained in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One while it is targeting a Fall 2018 release window on PC.

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