Monster Hunter World Is Off To A Fantastic Start On PC

Monster Hunter World appears to be enjoying quite a bit of success on PC. The game is not only tracking higher on the daily Steam charts with a concurrent players count that has passed 300K, it also appears to have done well with sales on PC if early tracking estimates from Steam Spy are within the margin of error.

Monster Hunter World was already gaining some traction after Tencent announced that the game had 1 million pre-registrations on their platform, WeGame. This wasn’t really about the pre-orders but it still showed a solid number and huge interest in the PC version despite the late release.

Now that the full game is out on Steam, after charting in the top selling game on Steam, the game is apparently opening to a huge number of sales. The current concurrent player count reached the peak of 313K players on Steam according to the daily charts. The sales number estimate on Steam Spy also points toward a figure that is north of 1 million. This could be an error for now, since it is too early to tell, but there is no doubt that the PC version has gained a lot of interest despite launching a few months after the console version.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PC on Steam. If you want to read what we have to say regarding the PC version, you can check out our review from here.

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