Monster Hunter World First Gameplay Footage Revealed, Shows World Map And More

Capcom has shared a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter World on a new livestream. This is the first proper gameplay footage that has been shown after the E3 2017 reveal. Monster Hunter World is set to launch worldwide in early 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Monster Hunter World is a brand new mainline Monster Hunter game from Capcom. It was originally called Monster Hunter 5 internally but the developers decided to change it to a more suitable title for the Western release since Monster Hunter series is not well known in the West.

The gameplay trailer revealed how Monsters will interact with each other, leaving the player who assumes the role of a hunter free to do with them as he pleases. There will a wide variety of Monsters available in the game including some fan favorites from the previous games.

Monster Hunter World was originally rumored as a PS4 exclusive. The game was finally revealed at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference with a reveal trailer that showed all the classic Monster Hunter gameplay mechanics.

Monster Hunter World is currently confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC with the developers confirming that they have no plans for a Switch version of the game.

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