Monster Hunter World Full Game Download Size Requirement Is Surprisingly Decent

Monster Hunter World is out on January 26th for the PS4 and Xbox One. While the game is getting closer to its launch, Capcom has announced a third and final beta test that is scheduled to start on January 19th and will last until January 21st. They have also announced the first free post-launch DLC update that will add a brand new monster to the game.

Monster Hunter World is a huge semi-open world game with zones and a central hub linking it all, but the file size of the full game is relatively small. If you have just the stock 500 GB hard disk, you will be required to keep atleast 16 GB free for the game. This was confirmed through an image of the Japanese back cover for the game that listed the file size for it.

Monster Hunter World marks the return of the series to consoles. It was released at E3 2017 and so far has been confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. While the PS4 and Xbox One version is launching on January 26th, the PC version has been confirmed to target Autumn 2018 release. The game has also received 2 beta tests so far on the PS4 with the final and third beta test taking place on January 19th.

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