Monster Hunter World: How To Get Plunderblade Without Lynian Researcher

Monster Hunter World requires you to get the best armor and weapons if you want to tackle some of the more challenging quests in the game. This will require you to find the crafting materials needed for them in order to unlock them through the blacksmith. One useful item for your Palico is the Plunderblade that can help it destroy parts of a monster that can result in a rare material. This blade is not easy to get in the start however this guide offers an easy way to get it in the beginning so that you can use it to gather materials from cutting parts of the monsters.

Some fans have discovered an easy to use trick in order to unlock this Plunderblade. This can be accomplished by first getting a piece of Raw Meat then following the steps listed in the guide.

How To Get Plunderblade For Palico

  • Find a piece of Raw Meat
  • Finish atleast 14 main story quests to unlock the depths of the Rotten Vale and find Odogaron’s lair.
  • Once you have unlocked the Rotten Vale, start an expedition there by starting from Central Camp (11).
  • Head to Area (13) in order for Odogaron to spawn. If you can’t find the monster, try to explore and mine out from surrounding locations.
  • Once you see that Odogaron has spawned, avoid attacking him until you see him dragging a corpse of monster Legiana to his lair in Area (13).
  • Explore around and you might find a Grimalkyne that will dig away once you see it.
  • Head to Area (15) to see the same Grimalkyne and Palico will advice you to drop the piece of red meat.
  • Once you have dropped it from inventory, hide and you will see a group of Grimalkyne around the meat. Palico will talk to them and get the Plunderblade.

Hopefully this lets you get the Plunderblade without resorting to finding the Lynian Researcher, which can be tricky for some people.

Monster Hunter World is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and will launch in Fall 2018 for the PC.

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