Monster Hunter World Iceborne Release Date And Price Revealed

Capcom has shared the release date, price, and information on the upcoming major expansion for Monster Hunter World called Iceborne. It will be out later this year for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a full expansion to the base game that will be available for $39.99. It will be also available as a retail and digital release with the full Monster Hunter game for $59.99. If this price seems expensive, keep in mind that the amount of new content added here is basically equivalent to Monster Hunter World 1.5 upgrade since it is a new location, new monsters, and much more. There is a digital deluxe edition in addition to various physical editions that additionally offer a new steelbook among other bonuses.

You can have a look at a lot of new gameplay with a trailer and event held by Capcom today. More information will be revealed in the coming days as the release date gets closer.

Here is an overview of the expansion confirming the new changes that a part of it. The story is also set directly after the end of Monster Hunter World and will feature a new Elder Dragon in addition to many new monsters.

Key Features

  • Massive Volume of Content – Iceborne builds on every aspect of World with a wealth of new challenges and surprises.
  • New Story Introduces Hoarfrost Reach Locale – Picking up the plot from World , hunters will travel to a snow-covered terrain which progressively expands with the story, eventually becoming the largest region in World so far.
  • New and Returning Monsters – The new locale is home to brand new frigid climate foes as well as returning fan favorites joining the Monster Hunter: World lineup. Leading the pack is the new flagship monster Velkhana, an elder dragon with powerful ice attacks that is a pervasive threat in the new story.
  • Master Rank difficulty option – A brand-new quest tier above High Rank that makes new and existing monsters more ferocious than ever.
  • Added Gameplay Mechanics Deepen Combat – Options for the Slinger tool have been added including a Clutch Claw grapple move and Flinch Shot that stuns monsters. With the new ability to use the Slinger while the main weapon is drawn, new strategies and opportunities are available for combat.
  • Expanded Weapon Options – Each of the 14 weapon types will get new combos and new elements, offering new depth to master.
  • New Gear and Items to Craft – Added monsters means hunters will have new materials from which to craft equipment as they take on new quests and challenges throughout Hoarfrost Reach.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion will be out on September 6th, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and Winter 2019 for the PC.

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