Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Review (PC)

Monster Hunter World has established itself as a successful entry in the action-role playing series since its launch across the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018. A year later, the arrival of the Iceborne expansion on consoles marked another success story for Capcom’s IP. Several months later, the PC audience is finally able to get their hands on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on Steam.

At its core, Iceborne is essentially a modern take on Monster Hunter Ultimate / G, or more specifically the G Rank hunts, with significantly ramped up difficulty. In Iceborne, they’re known as Master Rank. While you will encounter recycled monsters from the base game with different patterns or new moves that make them fresh and more challenging, you’ll also come across monsters from previous entries in the series. The only minor gripe, in this case, is the shortage of completely fresh monsters that have never made an appearance in a Monster Hunter game before. Regardless, Iceborne brings more than enough new content to justify its price of admission. It not only integrates meaningful new mechanics, such as the clutch claw or the Palico gadgets, which not only make hunting more versatile but also more strategic. To get a more detailed rundown on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, head over to our review for the PS4 version.

The PC version comes with all the latest updates that the expansion has received since its launch on the PS4 and Xbox One. As a result, the endgame is in a better state than it was at the launch of consoles. There’s less of a grind to work around, and PC users get a better experience right off the bat. While it still doesn’t feel quite as intuitive as it does when using a controller, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is fully playable using a mouse and keyboard, complete with customizable button assignments. The revamped standard control scheme works better than before and does a good job of adapting its new game mechanics to the keyboard and mouse. The clutch claw, for example, can be used by bringing up the device with the middle mouse and then pressing the right mouse button to grapple onto a monster. The left mouse button is used for regular attacks, while stronger attacks are performed with the right mouse button when pressed in isolation. The keyboard isn’t used to perform any of your basic attacks, which helps keep things a little more intuitive for the player.

Unfortunately, the mods previously created for the base game are not recommended for use with the expansion due to potential risks related to compatibility. That said, it is expected that sooner or later the modding community will support Iceborne in the same manner that it did for the base game.

On the technical side of things, the availability of a 45GB HD textures pack for PC gives the expansion a noteworthy visual facelift over the console versions. Much to the disappointment of PC enthusiasts, the base game didn’t receive high-resolution textures up until early 2019, therefore it’s nice to have them from the get-go for the expansion. Despite being a demanding game with respect to CPU utilization, hitting 60 fps is feasible even on mid-range PC configurations albeit with some sacrifices.

With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Capcom has delivered a faithful port of the console experience, but those looking to do even better will find plenty of key features that enhance the overall experience for PC users. The modding community will look to further enhance the experience down the road, with a plethora of Quality of Life and aesthetic changes that are bound to please fans. That said, with numerous updates from the console release, HD textures at launch, and revamped controls, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne already feels right at home on PC.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Review (PC)

Game Reviewed on: PC

Game description: Iceborne Expansion for Monster Hunter World is a fully-fledged paid expansion coming in September 6th 2019 on consoles and January 9th 2020 on PC. The expansion is equivalent in size to previous Monster Hunter games "G Rank" or "Ultimate" entries, and promises to bring a significant amount of content.

  • Final Score - 8.5/10


With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Capcom has delivered a faithful port of the console experience, but those looking to do even better will find plenty of key features that enhance the overall experience for PC users.


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