Monster Hunter World October 31 Update For PC Is All About Bug Fixes

Monster Hunter World has received two consecutive updates within 48 hours. The second update is now live and it is more of a bug fix.

Capcom has shared a new update for Monster Hunter World today. This update is live now on Steam for PC and it mostly seems to deal with bug fixes instead of adding some new content.

Monster Hunter World has been incredibly successful for Capcom. It has sold through more than 10 million copies across PC and consoles. The game was a major surprise success on Steam with more than 2 million copies sold. It has helped it to achieve the 10 million sales target that Capcom had desired in the past with their big budget efforts like Dragon’s Dogma.

The patch notes can be read in detail below.

Monster Hunter World October 31 Update For PC Patch Notes

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug preventing 43 titles that were available in the console versions from unlocking in the Steam version.

– Fixed a bug that prevented certain textures from being loaded optimally during character creation and cutscenes.

– Fixed a bug where stars wouldn’t be shown at night.

– Fixed a bug causing error code 83-MW1 to occur. A message will now only be displayed when the connection to Steam is actually cut off.

– Fixed a bug causing hair to clip into the character’s mouth when equipping Brigade Lobos, Brigade Lobos α, or Brigade Lobos β on certain hairstyles.

– Fixed a bug where the “Cannot take rewards because your item box is full” message would be displayed even if the item box was not full when using the “Take All” function at The Botanical Research Center.

– Fixed a bug at the Elder Melder where, when changing the number of materials and then cancelling using mouse controls, the number of items would not return to the previous value and remain the same as before cancelling.

– When using keyboard settings, assigning any key other than the default key to Browse Items Left and Browse Items Right for ranged weapons would result in items not scrolling when the key was held down. This has been fixed.

– Fixed a bug allowing some actions to be performed that would otherwise not be possible by simultaneously pressing a function key and a number key for the custom radial menu when using keyboard settings.

– Fixed a bug where text overlap would occur when using items with long names on the custom radial menu when using keyboard settings.

– Fixed a bug where the game would get stuck on the “Creating a new Online Session” message when trying to create a new Online Session.

– Fixed a bug where players who joined an Online Session after you would not have their primary group names and icons shown on the player list.

To check if you have the latest version, find out if the revision number is 157749. This should be the latest update for Monster Hunter World on PC.

Monster Hunter World is available now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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