Monster Hunter World Was Originally Called Monster Hunter 5, No Plans For Switch Version

Capcom has shared some new information on Monster Hunter World. This information confirms an earlier rumor about the game that called it Monster Hunter 5 for the PS4 and talked about an exclusive PS4 version. The rumor that resurfaced recently after the announcement of Monster Hunter XX for the Switch also talked about Sony locking PS4 exclusivity from the Nintendo Switch while leaving the option free for Xbox One or PC version.

In a new interview of Capcom from Japanese website Dengeki Online (via Twitter), Capcom confirmed that the game was called Monster Hunter 5 when it started development however the name was changed to Monster Hunter World because the development team really liked it.

Monster Hunter: World has been in development for four years.
*Originally, it was going to be called “Monster Hunter 5”, but the development team really liked the name, “World”

In another separate interview with Japanese website Game Watch (via Twitter), Capcom reiterated that they don’t have any plans to release a Switch version. Despite Monster Hunter World missing out on the Nintendo Switch, Capcom is releasing Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch in Japan but they also have currently no plans to bring that version to the West.

Monster Hunter World is set to release in early 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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