Monster Hunter World Looks Surprisingly Playable On A Handheld

Monster Hunter World is out now for PC and this has opened the doors for the game which is now playable on other portable hardware. This is a great PC port as you can read in our review and the scalability to lower hardware allows it to run decently on a handled PC like GPD Win 2.

YouTube user The Phawx has created this video of Monster Hunter World running on his GPD Win 2 with custom ini tweaks. The game is running at a lower resolution of 504p but the performance is rather great except during combat when it can drop at times.

Now this might not be the ideal way to experience the whole game, and there are going to be circumstances later in the game when the game can result in huge frame rate drops especially during the endgame boss fights, but it sure is neat to see how this works on a handheld PC like GPD Win 2.

Monster Hunter World is currently the top-selling game on Steam with an early sales estimate putting it above 1 million on Steam. It also has a high number of concurrent users that are trending upwards pointing towards a great sales figure and word of mouth for the game on PC despite a later release than consoles.

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