Monster Hunter World Final Beta PS4 Pro Comparison: Graphics, Resolution & Frame Rate Mode

Monster Hunter World has received its final beta today on the PS4 and it is available to download and play now. This beta version is essentially the final build of the game and the full game will release on January 26th. Monster Hunter World has an excellent support for the PS4 Pro in the form of three different modes: Graphics, Resolution and Frame Rate. Depending on which mode you pick here, you will either get enhanced visuals at a native 1080p resolution or a checkerboard resolution with the frame rate and resolution mode.

This article has comparison screenshots between the 3 different modes on the PS4 Pro. Since the beta is not available on Xbox One while the PC version is in development and set for Autumn 2018, we only have the PS4 and PS4 Pro version for this comparison. Here is how the different visual modes in Monster Hunter World stack against each other.

The graphics mode offers the best visual enhancements in the form of improved shadows, better quality depth-of-field and texture filtering. The graphics and frame rate mode can look identical in the visual quality setting, but one of them runs at a higher resolution while the other targets a better frame rate with a lower resolution.

If you want to play Monster Hunter World on the PS4 Pro and have a 4K TV, you can either go for the resolution mode or the frame rate mode. If you prefer the improved visuals, then the Graphics mode is the way to go here although personally speaking, it doesn’t matter as much for Monster Hunter World. Frame Rate mode could help in situations where you feel like the frame rate doesn’t hold up well.

Monster Hunter World will release on January 26th for the PS4, Xbox One and the devs targeting Autumn 2018 for PC.

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