Monster Hunter World Has Shipped 5 Million Copies Worldwide Setting New Sales Record

Capcom has shared the launch week shipment figure for their latest blockbuster release, Monster Hunter World. The game has received critical acclaim at launch and the sales seem to follow the same success with a reported shipment of 5 million copies worldwide across the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version of the game has been confirmed to launch in Autumn 2018 so it is not counted in this sales figure.

The 5 million shipment in 3 days makes it one of the best selling Monster Hunter release to date. It also sets new franchise sales record after opening to a worldwide launch. The game is targeting an opening north of 1 million on the PS4 in Japan, which should make it the best debut for a game there, ahead of Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI.

Monster Hunter series as a whole has also managed to reach 45 million sales across its various releases. Considering how the series was limited to handheld platform and neglected to just Japan, this number is impressive since Monster Hunter World is the first breakout hit for the series in the West. Capcom has plans to expand on the Monster Hunter brand name with a Hollywood movie based on the series and an attraction at Universal Studios Japan.

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