Monster Hunter World Ships 7.5M Units Worldwide Becoming Best Selling Capcom Game

Monster Hunter World has achieved incredible sales success for Capcom. The series was initially developed for handheld only release in Japan and it wasn’t until last E3 when the series was announced with a new focus on consoles with the release of Monster Hunter World. This has turned out to be an incredible decision from Capcom because the game was announced to have shipped 7.5 million units worldwide, also making it one of the best selling Capcom game ahead of any Resident Evil or Street Fighter release.

Monster Hunter World initially launched with 5 million copies shipped on day one and then was updated to 6 million copies just a few days after launch. In just two months, it has now shipped 7.5 million units across Japan, America and the rest of the world making it the fastest selling game from Capcom to reach this milestone. It has also surpassed the life-to-date sales of Resident Evil 5, which currently sits at 7.3 million. It is followed by Resident Evil 6, which has reached a little over 7 million copies sold so far.

Monster Hunter World is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. It has also been announced for the PC but that version will launch in Autumn 2018. The game continues to get weekly updates for its events and quests schedule. It will get its first DLC in an update later which is free to download for everyone and will add a new monster to the game.

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