Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Demo Is Now Available For Download; Here’s How To Get It

Monster Hunter XX demo is now available to download on the Japanese Nintendo eShop. This requires you to create a Japanese Nintendo ID in order to access the eShop and download the demo. The download size of this demo is around 1.8 GB which isn’t that large, however it can be only played in the Japanese language.

Monster Hunter XX is the first Monster Hunter on the Nintendo Switch which makes it a significant demo for those who want to get a taste of how the game fares on the Nintendo Switch. The game is already out on the Nintendo 3DS and this is merely a simple port of the 3DS version with HD visuals.

Monster Hunter XX is a spin-off based on the Monster Hunter X game featuring a more action-focused gameplay. It was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS early this year and then ported for the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter XX hasn’t been announced for the West as Capcom shared recently that they have currently no plans for any localization for the game. Capcom is also releasing Monster Hunter World for the PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2018. Monster Hunter World is the next mainline Monster Hunter from Capcom that is making its way to a console for the first time since the series originated on the PS2.

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