Mortal Kombat X Is Currently Facing Issues On Steam, Crashing To Desktop

Mortal Kombat X is currently facing issues on Steam after utilizing a new method of pre-loading the game. This allows the users to download the initial 3 GB of the game and then later download the rest in the form of numbered download packs. This works like the Play-Go system on the PS4, which allows you the download a good chunk of the initial data before you can start the game. The rest of the game then begins downloading in the background.

The issue with Mortal Kombat X is that it currently doesn’t allow the users to download the rest of the game after the initial 3 GB of data, and this will only get fixed once the Kombat Pack DLC is made available for download on Steam.


This has resulted in some rather angry customers who were unable to understand the issue with Mortal Kombat X, which could only boot up to the title screen and crashed to desktop afterwards. Due to this, the game is getting a surge of negative 2-3 star reviews on Steam as people are reporting the game as being broken.

So what’s the fix here? You have to wait for the Kombat Pack DLC to be available and the rest of the game to be fully downloaded before you can think of playing the game on your PC. This is certainly not a good way to launch a game, that’s for sure.

Have you had any issues with Mortal Kombat X on Steam? Let us know in the comments below.

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