NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale For Games Under $10, More Than 200 Titles Discounted

North American PlayStation Store is offering a flash sale this week with offers for all games under 10 USD. This sale will last only this weekend and appears to be the second flash sale in August.

You can access the full list of all deals from here or view them individually divided by platforms.

PS4 Flash Sale

ps4-flash-sale-under-10-usd-1-456x1024 ps4-flash-sale-under-10-usd-2-445x1024 ps4-flash-sale-under-10-usd-33-453x1024

PS Vita Flash Sale


PS3 Flash Sale

ps3-flash-sale-under-10-usd-1-448x1024 ps3-flash-sale-under-10-usd-2-457x1024 ps3-flash-sale-under-10-usd-3-538x1024

Let us know which games you are interested to grab from this flash sale in the comments below.

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