NA PlayStation Store October 2016 Flash Sale Is Live For PS3, PS4 And PS Vita

Sony is offering their monthly flash sale on the North American PlayStation Store and it appears to have gone live this week. The games that are being offered include PlayStation exclusives like Tearaway, Little Big Planet 3 and The Order 1886, as well as some third party games.

You can take a look at the whole flash sale lineup from here, or you can view them in the images below.


psn-flash-sale-oct-2016-2 psn-flash-sale-oct-2016-3 psn-flash-sale-oct-2016-4


psn-flash-sale-oct-2016-5 psn-flash-sale-oct-2016-6

PS Vita


There are some good PlayStation exclusives in this flash sale including The Order 1886, Little Big Planet 3 and Tearaway. If you want to purchase the PlayStation 4 launch game, Killzone Shadow Fall, it has never been cheaper than its current price in the sale.

This flash sale will end on Sunday so make sure to get the games that you want before this sale ends.

Let us know what do you think about this latest flash sale in the comments below.

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