Naughty Dog aims to deliver Uncharted 4 at 60 FPS at 1080p

Naughty Dog aims to deliver Uncharted 4 at 60 FPS at 1080p

Looks like Naughty Dog gaming studios and Sony Computer Entertainment have formed a formidable coalition that will be able to bulldoze any gaming studio that attempts to run towards their path. Naughty Dog’s upcoming title, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is being optimized to deliver a steady frame rate at 60 FPS and that too while maintaining visual bliss mode at 1080p. According to the game developing studio, it is attempting to make this form of gaming, universal for all the upcoming titles on the PlayStation 4 console.


The Last of Us: Remastered, which was developed by the same studio maintains 60 FPS while delivering stunning visuals at 1080p. Looks like we might have a global minimum amount for which console titles are supposed to be played at, even though Naughty Dog is the only developing studio that has taken the initiative. Someone has to right?

According to Naughty Dog’s community strategist Arne Meyer; he has stated that prior to releasing most console gaming titles; developing studios often prattle about how their titles will easily be able to deliver 60 FPS. However, what these developing studios fail to mention to the console gaming populace is that if they push the game too hard, that steady 60 FPS rate will turn in to a frame dipping and stuttering catastrophe.


The Last of Us: Remastered has given Naughty Dog an elevated platform to work on that will allow the game developing studio to deliver 60 FPS in future titles. After the transition from PS2 to PS3, Naughty will also be looking to delivering the same level of performance on current generation consoles. Nathan Drake’s upcoming title can thank The Last of Us: Remastered for being the progenitor that will deliver stable levels of gaming in the near future. The Last of Us: Remastered version will be released in North America on July 29th.

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