Naughty Dog apparently working on a “new secret project”, currently casting in LA [Rumor]

The Last of Us and Uncharted developers Naughty Dog are apparently working on a “new secret project”, with the studio already reported to be casting in LA.

According to Twitter user @Daniel R who’s known for reporting on several leaks, mainly for Marvel and DC movies, suggests that Naughty Dog are working on another game alongside The Last of Us 2. The game looks to be in its early stages as they are getting around to hiring actors.

For the casting that’s currently underway in Los Angeles, they described looking for the following traits for the lead (or one of the leads):

A Black/African American male. 40’s to 60’s, short to medium length hair with a body type similar to those in the reference images below. Strong but not chiseled.

They attached an image of The Walking Dead actor Chad Coleman for reference.

This is the first we’re hearing of a second game in development at Naughty Dog however its not surprisingly as the Sony owned First Party Developer has been known to have two internal teams. Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us for example were worked upon simultaneously by two different teams.

However as far as we can tell Naughty Dog is all hands on deck with The Last of Us 2 so take this rumor with a grain of salt. The casting could also be for a new actor or late addition to the cast in The Last of Us 2.

For what Naughty Dog’s next game could be, we can’t really say. They could go back to Uncharted or even make a Savage Starlight game which was a collectible comic from The Last of Us. As far as platforms are concerned we could bet good money that it’ll be a PS5 title.

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