Naughty Dog details their The Last of Us DLC Plan, includes SP and MP DLC

Naughty Dog has finally revealed their plan for The Last of Us DLC. Naughty Dog is planning to release 3 DLCs for The Last of Us, beginning with a Multiplayer DLC that will be released on 15th October.

The first DLC is a set of Multiplayer Maps, called Abandoned Territories Map Pack. It will consist of 4 Multiplayer maps: Suburbs, Blue Depot, Hometown and Bookstore.

The second DLC is of single player and will star a completely new character. Naughty Dog describes it as “ambitious story with strong tiesinto the narrative of The Last of Us”. This DLC will be released somewhere in December or January. No further info was given about it.

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The third DLC is another Mutliplayer DLC and will arrive in the first half of 2014. There is no info about this DLC yet but Naughty Dog has said that they will gradually reveal info with time.

To make the waiting a bit easier; Naughty Dog is offering 60 different hats to the Season Pass holders. These hats will be free to use for all the Season Pass owners who have to wait a bit before the first DLC hits.

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