NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Update Version 1.02 released on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Update Version 1.02 has been released on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

The update brings for some new additions as well as bug fixes. The biggest addition is probably the addition of Basketball Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who can now be unlocked in the game. There’s also a ton of Halloween themed content just in time for the holiday.

They also made changes to gameplay including making characters perform actions faster. Check out the full patch notes below:

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Update Version 1.02 PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC Patch Notes


  • Addition of new Halloween playground.
  • Halloween themed Outfits are now available via Swag Packs unlocks.
  • Addition of new lottery pick – Ankle breaker.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is now available to be unlocked.


  • Character’s speed has been increased by 10 ~ 14 %.
  • Blocking rate has been increased slightly for 2 and 3 pointers.
  • Success rate has been increased for 3 pointers.
  • Fix to help prevent failed passes when a player stopped running.
  • Improvements of Lag Compensation for Dunks and other actions while playing online.
  • Fixed Shot meter not appearing in some conditions.
  • Fixed issue with shot meter staying red during signature dunk animations
  • Fixed incorrect A.I. behavior while playing 3PT Contest local play.
  • Other minor bug fixes for local and online play.
  • Other minor Balancing adjustments following user feedback during Closed Beta.
  • Best Player in each field is now marked in yellow on the Results Screen after a match.
  • Fixed a random crash/soft lock when buying more than one element from the Store simultaneously on Xbox One.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch

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