NBA 2K18 Update Version 1.12 For PS4, Nintendo Switch And Xbox One; What Does It Do?

NBA 2K18 update version 1.12 is out now on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Here’s what it does.

NBA 2K18 might be dated by now but 2K Games has always released an update for them when it comes to updating the character roster, and this is basically the case with the new NBA 2K18 update. If you have received one update today, it is most likely related to the character roster for the teams.

NBA 2K18 has been already replaced with the new yearly iteration of the sports game, but the servers are still online so those who have the game can play it without having to upgrade to the new version. 2K Games usually pulls the plug on the yearly entries after two or three years of support as it has happened with NBA 2K16 and similarly its predecessors.

NBA 2K18 is the first 2K Sports release for the Nintendo Switch. It was also available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game was a success for 2K Sports who followed it up with the next NBA 2K game that launched this year in September. NBA 2K19 has now continued to enjoy a strong post-launch support while NBA 2K18 and other releases receive legacy support with roster updates.

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