NBA 2K19 Is Getting Player Permanently Banned For Auction House Sniping – Report

NBA 2K19 players are reporting that their accounts are getting permanently banned from the game for using auction house sniping, which is a valid method acknowledged by 2K Sports.

This started on the NBA 2K19 subreddit where a player shared images of his account getting permanently banned and a chat with the 2K support that confirmed that it was due to ‘sniping’ in the Auction House. This matter quickly escalated and made its way into the gaming subreddit where it received thousands of upvotes bringing it to the main page of Reddit.

One of the subreddit mods later chimed in with a comment after supposedly getting in touch with the developers. He stressed that this ban was not due to auction house sniping, and the support person might have the wrong idea about it.

This has been escalated to devs for a second look. The Support agent made a misinformed assumption, there was no note on OP’s account that the ban was for “sniping”. I don’t know anything beyond that, but I doubt the actual reason is for sniping.

Buying a card at low value AKA sniping is NOT a bannable offense. I asked for clarification on this policy because OP’s post title is misleading, not because this applies to OP’s ban.

There needs to be other circumstances involved in order for a ban to trigger. This can be something like buying a card from someone 2K has identified as an MT seller. 2K also keeps an eye on additional accounts made on the same IP address as a MT seller.

As for what exactly is considered as auction house sniping, here is an explanation from one of the Reddit comments.

Sniping can include but not limited to purchasing or selling cards intentionally for more or less than the average amount that the card is worth.

This method definitely doesn’t sound like a bannable offense, so we will have to wait for an official update on this situation to see what happened to the user that led to his account getting permabanned from the game.

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