NBA 2K19 Update Version 1.05 Patch Notes For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Today, a new update for NBA 2K19 version 1.05 was released by 2K Sports. The full set of patch notes are available to view for it.

NBA 2K19 was confirmed to get an update by 2K, and it is finally available to download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The size of this update is more than 6 GB with the size varying depending on the platform. Here is what is included in this NBA 2K19 update version 1.05, as per the official patch notes.

NBA 2K19 Update Version 1.05 Patch Notes For PS4, Xbox One, And PC


– In Play Now Online, the opponent’s uniform will now be displayed in the pre-game settings (to minimize uniform conflicts in games).

– If two users pick the same color uniform for a Play Now Online game, the last user to select their uniform will have their uniform automatically changed to one of another color during loading.


– Improved logic and visuals of “pulling the chair” in the post.


– Fixed a case where certain stat combo performance incentives (e.g. 25 points and 12 rebounds) were not consistently rewarding the user with the correct amount of VC.

– (Switch) Players will no longer appear without uniforms when they play a game in which the Ring Ceremony took place.


– Fixed an issue where headphones would be removed when entering Ante-Up or using the Subway.

– Users are now able to see other players’ headphones when viewing them in the Neighborhood.

– End-of-game improvements to the Dodgeball experience.

– Improved lighting quality inside the new Ante-Up daily spin room.

– The VC amount should now always properly appear above the court when in the Ante-Up courts.

– When playing a crew game, all users will properly appear in their crews uniform (i.e. will not appear as a mascot).

– Fixed a disconnect issue that users were reporting during the Court Conquerors events.

– (Switch) Fixed an issue where areas of the walls would lack collision in the new Ante-Up prize wheel room.  Make sure to visit location daily to get in your free spins for prizes!


– Users will no longer be required to finish out games against all AI players when the opposing team forfeits by leaving the game.


– Added the ability for users to view what Moments cards are currently available in Heat Check and League Moments packs (press ‘Y’/Triangle button when viewing those packs in the Pack Market).

– Cards will now visually show their new, upgraded gem levels when a Duo boost bumps them up over a threshold.

– Addressed a pause glitch that allowed some users to pause a Triple Threat Online game indefinitely.

– Fixed an issue where the proper Heat Check attribute/overall rating boosts would not display upon visiting the Lineups menu.

– Head-to-Head game types (Play With Friends, Unlimited) should now use default free throw difficulty settings rather than the global settings of one of the users involved in the game.


– Improved server stability and performance in MyLEAGUEOnline.

– Gameplay-related Rule Changes (voted on in the offseason League Meetings) should now properly take effect during head-to-head games in MyLEAGUE Online.

– Fixed a hang that some users would see down the line after previously importing a player’s appearance using Player DNA.  If you previously encountered this issue, your save should now be retroactively corrected.

Many other small bug fixes and adjustments were also made, game-wide.

NBA 2K19 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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