NBA 2K20 Review (PS4)

Another year another NBA 2K title. NBA 2K20 by 2K Sports developer Visual Concepts promises gameplay tweaks to make the ball-playing more realistic along with a stronger emphasis on the excellent MyPlayer mode. How does this year’s flagship basketball game fare in our review? Read on to find out.

Although I’m personally more of a Football guy, Basketball has always been a passion of mine. Shooting hoops on the weekends with friends and catching a few matches of the NBA finals is one of the most fun times of the year for me. Although I love watching the game, it’s always been pretty hard for me to play video games. So even though I buy the game every year I almost always drop the game after a few weeks. Eventually, if you wanna get back to the game, it’s tough as everyone online at that point has simply powered their way to much higher skill and player level.

Keeping those personal sentiments aside, NBA 2K20 improves upon several aspects of the yearly basketball title. The AI has been improved throughout the modes allowing you to execute smarter plays than before. AI defending especially is something players will notice as they now get much closer and defend much stronger on higher difficulty levels.

Ball handling in NBA 2K20 has also gotten better, with Visual Concepts improving animations to allow better free flow dribbling. The clunkiness players feel after a few to and fro dribble moves are now almost gone. Slashing this year is a very strong strategy with players like Westbrook and Irving. Adding on to that, this year we also see a noticeable change in Shooting which is now more dependent on player ratings than timing. You’ll be spending more time this year playing players to their strengths, so no more Centers shooting threes for you this year.

On the topic of size, this year there’s also a huge emphasis on the difference of player sizes. Players like Kyrie Irving are noticeably faster this year on the court while Centers like Anthony Davis now don’t get bullied by strong Forwards like Lebron James.

The usual MyCareer and MyTeam modes are present in NBA 2K20 but like almost every year now are full of microtransactions. The grind to improve your player and team is pretty crazy this year, with most players will almost certainly be forced into buying VC (Virtual Currency). They’re not mandatory by any means but for those who’ve played an NBA 2K games in recent years know that the game just isn’t that fun unless you have the upgrades equipped.

I was impressed with MyCareer this year, which is the main mode that I play each year. The story this year is noticeably better compared to previous games, with Hollywood actor Idris Elba playing one of the main characters. It does take time to get going and the prologue is very dialogue-heavy but overall it was a pretty good experience. The dialogue, however, like every year, will still make you cringe.

NBA 2K20 is no doubt the best option available if you want to play a good basketball game, but again there aren’t many basketball games available in the market. The microtransaction integration throughout the game hinders the ability of a casual player like me to enjoy the game without paying.

NBA 2K20 Review (PS4)

Game Reviewed on: PS4

Game description: NBA 2K20 is a basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports, based on the National Basketball Association. It is the 21st installment in the NBA 2K franchise and the successor to NBA 2K19.

  • Final Score - 8/10


NBA 2K20 is no doubt the best option available if you want to play a good basketball game, but again there aren't many basketball games available in the market.


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