NBA Live 18 Update Version 1.13 Released Ahead of NBA Live 19

EA Sports has released a brand new update today for NBA Live 18. This patch is available to download now on the PS4 and Xbox One. The download size of this update is rather large, weighing in at more than 2 GB, which is what makes this a surprising update for those who still have the old yearly release installed on their console. This patch will update the game to version 1.13 on the PS4.

If you are looking for the patch notes, unfortunately, there are none available right now. We will update this article if we can get our hands on official patch notes or some changelog, but in the meanwhile, this seems to be related to the launch of NBA Live 19, so it can be considered an update related to cross-promotion of both games.

NBA Live is a yearly sports video game from EA Sports. It is the competitor to 2K Games’ NBA 2K series. Unlike FIFA where EA dominates in sales and success, NBA 2K is the more popular basketball game compared to NBA Live, but the EA Sports released basketball game doesn’t really offer many microtransactions compared to its competitor.

Let us know if you have noticed any changes after installing this new update in the comments below.

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