The neat little things that we noticed in the Metal Gear Solid V TGS Demo

Metal Gear Solid V is the first next generation Metal Gear Solid game and this certainly makes it appear far more impressive on the technical level. We have compiled a set of Animated GIFs that highlight some of the cool things we noticed in the demo.

Kojima-san finally released the gameplay demos of Metal Gear Solid V on the official site so we got to look at all that delicious footage in 1080p. It’s a pity that YouTube is locked to 30 fps otherwise we might have seen the 60 fps footage as Kojima has confirmed that next generation version of Metal Gear Solid V will be running on 1080p/60 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Attention to detail

Starting off, let’s talk about weather and its effect on the environment. The demo showed a daytime sunny scenario and a night time rainy scenario. Both of which looked absolutely gorgeous. But one thing caught our eye was that when Snake grabbed and threw a solider on ground, we could see the dust particles or the mud splashing clearly depending on the weather conditions.

Vast open world

This is the first open world Metal Gear Solid game. The demo had a moment where it showed the complete map when Snake was looking for a helicopter and it looked really big. To think that The Phantom Pain will be 300 times bigger, we can’t imagine how vast will be the world in The Phantom Pain.

You can mark locations on your map

This might irk a lot of Metal Gear Solid fans but unfortunately this is true. The demo showed a moment where Snake could mark off a location and then we see a marker pointing to the location in-game. Nevertheless, Kojima might be making the game easier for the mainstream audience so it is understandable.

Picking locks

Now this was something exciting. We can pick locks in the game. Seeing the huge map, imagine the possibilities of stumbling into secrets while picking up locks.

Seamless action

In the demo, we saw Snake dodging a falling helicopter and taking out a tank and then dodging out of the way. It looked pretty cool and it was all seamless like we were watching a live-action movie.

The effects of explosions

In the middle of the demo, Snake went John Rambo on the soldiers and starting attacking them recklessly. We saw him blowing explosive barrels to knock and kill soldiers, while the soldiers weren’t blown away and handicapped like explosions in The Last of Us do, they were hilariously flying away. I guess we can think of this as Kojima utilizing his usual humor in Metal Gear Solid series.

Slow motion execution/finisher

While i admit they don’t fit a Metal Gear Solid game, they looked pretty cool to me. There seems to be a decent variety to them so that they don’t start feeling like a chore.

Brand new interrogations

Interrogating soldiers now got 10x better. We saw Snake interrogating a solider for a mission objective and then we saw him doing it to another soldier. It seems like we have multiple choices on how we are able to interrogate them.

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