Need for Speed E3 reveal trailer and gameplay looks gorgeous

Need for Speed reboot finally makes its in-depth reveal at the E3 press conference and we are very excited about what we’ve seen. As we previously explained, the upcoming NFS is a reboot of the series and aims to take a fresh start to make it clear what NFS will be about from here on out. Check out the trailer below.

The E3 reveal trailer gave us a good idea about the setting and world and frankly, reminded us a bit about the first Fast and Furious movie. In addition, the game world will be roughly twice the size of Need for Speed Rivals. Time of day is set between dusk and dawn in order to stay true to the urban street racing night-life. The trailer clearly depicts that the series reboot wants to take the best bits from previous Need for Speed games such as cop pursuits from NFS Most Wanted, urban street racing from the Underground series, crew style racing from NFS Carbon.

That’s not all as we also saw a gameplay video that shows us the visual prowess of the Frostbite engine and showcases gorgeous visuals. Check out the gameplay for yourself.

The game is driven by a proper story narrative and promises the highest levels of customization. We are guessing the story will be much like NFS Carbon based on the trailers. If you notice the gameplay, the drifting clearly indicates that this is going to be an arcade racer with no connection to simulation prequels like Need for Speed Shift. We consider this a good thing as it checks out with the essence of Need for Speed.

Need for speed comes out on November 3 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Are you excited about the new Need for Speed and do you think the reboot will live up to fans’ expectations? Sound off in the comments section.

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