Need for Speed Payback Dev Comments On RNG Slot Mechanics, Upcoming Updates

Need for Speed Payback has not fared well when it comes to criticism from the community. Recently, an animated GIF posted on reddit r/gaming managed to garner a lot of attention which showed the RNG Slot Machines implemented in the game to offer the players better parts for their cars, and thus in theory, let them progress further in the game.

Need for Speed Payback developer who goes by the name F8RGE on reddit has commented on the GIF explaining the reasoning behind this implementation for the game.

Let’s talk progression in NFS Payback, which is primarily based around the level of your cars. Equip better parts to your car = higher level car, standard game design you’ll all be familiar with.

First up, you are awarded parts in a variety of ways. The most common of these is for winning an event. You win an event, you get given a part. You also get given parts for winning multiplayer Speedlists and you’ll also be rewarded parts just for taking part in multiplayer.

There is of course the Tune-up shop, which you can go to and choose parts. All these parts are purchased via in-game currency (what we call bank). Like most in-game stores, the parts will refresh (on a short timer), and you can drive up to any of the stores and pick up the parts you want.

But let’s talk about this gif. What you’re looking at is the targeted roll screen, which is a way of finding parts with perks on them. For comparisons sake, think of this as some sort of enchanting system within an RPG which rewards items with a random buff on them.

These parts are purchased via roll tokens, which you acquire by recycling your old parts. The goal here is to provide players with a sense of….no wait, that’s not right. The goal here is that when you have your high-level car, you can then look at setting it up with perks to further enhance it. An end game so to speak. Within the roll screen you can use your part tokens to lock in certain sections; the part type, the manufacturer (for the bonus you can get for having multiple parts of same type) and the perk type.

Naturally, the look of it is what’s causing everyone to lose their minds a bit, but to give some context around this, which I think is important. NFS Payback is set in a world that is loosely based around Las Vegas. The story of the game talks about bringing down a corrupt cartel that runs the cities casinos etc.

This is why this screen is laid out as it is, it’s just a thematic approach to the UI so there’s consistency through the game. Hopefully that should give some context behind any first impressions you may have.

Need for Speed Payback has received two major post-launch updates so far, and more will be released that will aim to fix the grind-type nature of the progression system. According to the developer, the recent update has now added higher level car parts to the tune-up shops in the game. Previously, it was not possible to completely power level through the tune-up shops and you had to resort to relying on the random generated slot machine rewards.

There are also reports of missing cars and the developer has promised that this should be fixed in an upcoming update.

Need for Speed Payback is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can read our review of the game from here.

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