Neptune Flux Is Available On PC And Mac For Now, PS4 Release Delayed

Neptune Flux has finally been released on PC and Mac but its PS4 release has been delayed to the next year. Both the PC and Mac versions of the game have optional support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The game has been developed by Zoxide Games which is a one-person company created by Nick Pettit.

Neptune Flux is an adventure game set in a sci-fi ocean. Players take on the role of Sarah who is an A.Q.U.A employee. A.Q.U.A is responsible for all the underwater colonization, thus Sarah’s job is to find the source of strange energy that is causing mayhem in the organizations operations. During this search, players will come across soul-stirring mysteries as they go deeper and deeper into the dark sea.


The game was expected to release on PS4, on the same date, with PC and Mac. But Nick Pettit issued a statement on October 31, saying that he was unaware of the difficulty of releasing the game on multiple platforms at the same time. Being his first console release, he needed more time for the PS4 version that is still in the Quality Assurance process.

But in order to make up to PS4 owners, he presented them with a special offer.

“To keep things simple, if your reward includes a copy of the game, I’m going to send you both a Steam key and a PlayStation 4 key. That way, you don’t have to pick a platform, and if you wanted a PS4 copy but also have a Steam account; you’re still able to play!”

You can download the game from Steam and the Humble Store with a 20% discount available for this entire week, Hurry Up!


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