Nero can put his hood on as part of a taunt in Devil May Cry 5

Well this is really interesting, apparently Nero can put on his hood as part of his taunt in Devil May Cry 5.

Its great to see characters interacting with their outfits, plus this is the first for the DMC series. I really hope this leads to a bit of customizability for the characters but its probably a long shot at this stage.

Here’s a webm showcasing Nero putting the hood on and fighting a demon.

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Taunts have been part of the Devil May Cry series since the beginning (with the exception of 2 and DmC). Taunting helps you fill the Stylish and DT bars, it also helps certain enemies become more aggressive allowing you to take advantage of them and chain longer combos.

We also recently got to see some new Devil Breakers for Nero, check them out here. The game also supposedly has a Photo Mode among its many improvements from previous games which I’m really excited about.

Devil May Cry 5 release March 8 next year for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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