Netflix to Widen Mobile Games to Apple iOS

Netflix, who doesn’t know about it today? Netflix has become not only a streaming service but also our friend that makes us laugh, cry, or both at the same time. As a streaming service, Netflix’s collections can’t surely be neglected.

From the mainstream series like Squid Game to the underrated ones, take your time to find the hidden gems through the search bar. Even when Netflix’s library is kind enough to give us tons of entertainment, we’re still facing the same issue that has been going on for years: geo-restrictions.

Unfortunately, the same thing still happens, and everybody’s suffering from it. But don’t worry, you can unblock Netflix access using quality VPNs. You can also be protected when trying to browse on stream on the platform, keeping the cyberattacks away.

But now, we’re not talking about how generous Netflix is in giving more than enough content to handle. We’ll talk about Netflix Games, another step for Netflix to take a slice of the whole gaming market.

Netflix has planned to expand mobile games not only for Android but also for iOS as well. And it happens today when Apple phone users are now able to enjoy the iconic mobile game titles that were previously released on Android.

Netflix Games explained

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Netflix Games, it’s basically a new addition to Netflix’s portfolio. The games available are based on the original content of Netflix, so it’s a new way for the company to engage with a broader market of customers. It’s also a portal for the fans to enter the new worlds that were previously shown and introduced within the series or movies.

The games (currently mobile games) will be included as a part of the regular streaming plans. So, players don’t have to pay for additional. Now by paying a subscription plan, you’ll get both the streaming and the games. It’s similar to game pass you find on consoles.

How it works

To enjoy Netflix Games, you may now easily access the new “Games” category to find any titles you like. The list is full of an entire mobile games catalog. Once you’ve found one, click it, and you’ll be redirected to Google Play Store or App Store, depending on what your device is.

If the Games section couldn’t be found in the navigation bar, then you may need to update the Netflix app and reopen it again. Make sure the app is the latest version. The section will then appear after the app is relaunched.

Which games are available?

Since it’s a new feature, please lower your expectations. You won’t find as many games as in the Play Store or App Store. But, these games will highly remind you of your favorite series. There are five mobile games available, starting from the Stranger Thing series, Card Blast, Teeter, and Shooting Hops.

All people can enjoy these games within the same account. For the Kid profiles, however, the Games category won’t be found unless the users are able to enter the set code.

How much does it cost?

Price is always the most appealing aspect of Netflix. As said by Netflix, although these games are intended to be added value to the common pricing structure, they won’t change the price or add an extra fee. In the future, this policy might surely change. But for now, the games come with your standard plan fee.

All the games mentioned earlier appear exclusively to Netflix Games only. You couldn’t find them on any other devices. Although there are Stranger Things 3 that were previously able on various platforms, it was delisted shortly before the Netflix Games release.

The price at launch was 20 dollars, then 10, and after it, the price went on sale for half the amount. Now with the policy change, all the games are available with the subscription plan.

What devices are supported?

Initially, the Netflix Games was only available for Android phones. But now, with the latest update, the feature can be enjoyed in iOS devices starting November 10. Just like on the Android version, you can start playing the game titles by opening the Games tab on the Netflix App. As mentioned before, the Netflix Games feature won’t be available on kids’ profiles. If the parents do have a specific PIN set, they need to enter it to open the feature. So if you want to introduce your kids to games that they might be familiar with, don’t forget to do so.

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