Neverwinter Update Version 5.60 Is Out, Patch Notes Detailed

Neverwinter has received a new update today on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This update is available to download now and patches the game to version 5.60 on the PS4.

This update is also available to download on the Xbox One and PC. The game version is listed as NW.100.20180709g.19 on the PS4. If you want to read the full changelog for it, see below.

Neverwinter Update Version 5.60 Patch Notes


  • If players have completed the Portobello’s Game campaign, and do not currently have the Apocalypse Dagger, they can now reclaim it once and only once from the Reward Claims Agent. This option will go away when the Heart of Fire module releases.
  • Companion Upgrade Tokens can now properly be deposited into and withdrawn from the Shared Bank.

Release Notes

Content and Environment

Barovia / Ravenloft

  • Barovian Hero: This in-game achievement now properly advances while the player is in a party.
  • Card Shark: This in-game achievement now properly gives credit.
  • Collector’s Blinsky: This quest now progresses if party members pick up doll heads.
  • Old Bonegrinder: Players without this quest can no longer loot the Tome of Strahd.


  • Hunters of Chult: This quest now shows a map-wide waypoint.
  • If a character has gotten to Protector’s Enclave proper without having completed the tutorial, they will now properly be able to turn the final quest in.
  • Minor/Major Hero: Minor and Major Heroic Encounters now appropriately give credit toward these achievements.
  • Strange texture issues in the Moonstone Mask have been addressed.
  • Theft of the Crown: If players leave the instance then drop the quest, they can once again accept it from Knox.
  • Tiamat’s heads will now push nearby players while they rise, so please be mindful of where you stand! It’s good to respect personal space.
  • The Stronghold salvage trader no longer tells the player to “right-click” to salvage items.

Enemies and Encounters

Castle Ravenloft

  • Strahd is powerful and all, but his mere presence is not enough to keep adventurers at the brink of death. Player characters reduced to 0 HP in his boss fight will once again properly go into a Near Death state… unless he uses his ultimate ability, in which case, good luck.


  • Yuan-ti can no longer cast Charm and Fear effectively enough to last long past their deaths. Player characters should no longer have a chance to become stuck and unable to move after fighting them.

Items and Economy


  • Campaign Buyout Bundle: Stromking has stopped taking credit for the Storm King’s Thunder. (In related news, a typo has been addressed.)
  • Eku’s Titivated Lion: This mount can now be discarded, and is now Bind to Account on Pickup.
  • Giftwrapped Enchantment packs now properly give enchantments instead of Black Pearls.
  • Insignia of Prosperity: This insignia now properly grants its XP bonus.
  • Seals of the Brave are now properly used instead of Seals of the Protector in Caer-Konig and when purchasing Dragonflight gear.
  • Storm King’s Thunder: Relic armor can now properly be purchased from the campaign store.
  • The Unique Tarokka Card pack can now only be purchased if the player doesn’t already have a full deck of Tarokka cards.
  • Wanted Poster – Lycosa: This item’s tooltip now properly refers to a reward of Lycosa’s Barbed Gloves instead of the nonexistent Poisonous Haired Gloves.


  • Dual-stat enchantments now properly function when slotted on gear equipped by Companions.

Item Stats and Powers

  • Dinohide Assault Amibari now properly provides the Deflect rating it says it does.
  • Puppet’s Plate: This item power now has an icon.
  • Terrored Grips now have the correct item level, and no longer give negative stats.
  • The debuff caused by the Apocalypse set bonus now properly matches the tooltip and increases damage taken by 1% per stack, instead of… more.
  • The debuff caused by the Apocalypse set bonus no longer affects the equipping player.
  • The power on Heels of Fury now stacks with Fured Kiuno of the Bear.

Zen Market

  • Campaign Buyout Bundle: To comply with guidelines menacingly provided by the Branding Department of Thay, the “Dreadring Campaign Completion” token is now properly known as the “Dread Ring Campaign Completion” token.
  • Companion descriptions now properly state the correct, current type of Bonding Runestone that comes with them.

User Interface


  • Focus now properly returns to the Retrain button when choosing “Buy a Token” and cancelling out twice.
  • Players can no longer sometimes become stuck in the Change Appearance UI.
  • Quest Gained notifications no longer pop up twice for item-granted quests.
  • Returning from the loot distribution UI now properly returns focus to gameplay.
  • The chest reward UI is once again centered.
  • The Withdraw option now properly disables when attempting to withdraw more Astral Diamonds from the shared bank than possible.
  • When reviewing the informational tooltip while holding the Tome of Strahd or the Sunsword, the powers in the Daily slots are now explained.


  • The search cooldown is a little less restrictive now.


  • Sword Coast Chronicle: Duplicate versions of the Tyranny of Dragons and PvP Campaigns no longer appear.
  • When the primary quest is changed, the Quest Path icon in the journal now also changes.


  • A typo has been addressed in the English version of the leaver penalty notification.
  • Random Queues no longer incorrectly display while the Private category is selected.
  • When prompted for a leaver penalty, the prompt now clearly states that it will apply account-wide.

Zen Market

  • Coupons no longer cause the Zen Market to look like every category has a coupon available.
  • Knox’s Veteran Recruitment Order: It should now be easier to navigate to the “More Information” button.

Art, Animation, Audio, and Effects


  • Duvessa Shane no longer incorrectly uses Merrisara Winterwhite’s voice in certain situations.
  • Linu La’neral no longer incorrectly uses Darnys Loreweaver’s voice in certain situations.

Visual Effects

  • Ras Nsi’s Rive warning effect should hopefully clip less frequently with the ground.
  • The Scourge Warlock reactive power, Shadow Slip, no longer puts the “rave” in Ravenloft when too many visual effects are on the screen. The camera change now remains consistent while the power is maintained.



  • Localization has been updated for the French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.

Performance and Stability

  • A crash, most frequently observed in certain Spellplague arc quests such as Troubled Times, has been addressed.
  • When running with Italian set as the system language, there is no longer an audio-based crash.

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