New to Android? Here are few things you need to know

New to the android operating system? Here are few things that you must know about it

Have you recently made a transition from your computer’s desk and made room for mobile computing to enter your life? If you have, then hats off to you for going along with this ubiquitous trend. However, just like every other nascent android user, there are a few hurdles that you are going to have to jump across and luckily for you, we are here to make sure that you jump the entire way, all the way to the end. Here are several things that you need to know after you end up purchasing an android smartphone.

1. Android smartphones will require routine maintenance procedures


Just like the windows operating system, where you have to perform maintenance procedures like defragmentation processes, registry cleaners and a whole lot of other processes that will make it a tedious process as a whole, the same principle will be applied to the android operating system. Though it will not be as tiresome as the windows one, you will be forced to execute these processes otherwise you will most likely see a degradation in performance when browsing through your device’s contents. The android operating system has yet to overcome the barrier of operating system fragmentation but to help you mitigate your time towards maintaining your phone, there are several apps out there that cater to maintenance procedures.

2. If there is an update available, the operating system will update without your consent

New to Android? Here are few things you need to know

If your smartphone vendor Google has in fact released an operating system update for your model, there is nothing you can do to prevent your smartphone from being updated (other than powering it off and discarding it). For your own satisfaction, you can incessantly tap the update button but if there isn’t an official update released for your model, tapping the button will do you no good. However, if you are adamant about trying the new features of an updated operating system, then you can always root your phone and install a custom ROM.

3. Apps will close themselves to help better memory management

Have you ever noticed that you seldom find the quit button on an application when you decide to close it. This is because the operating system is able to manage apps for you. If you decide to quit an app, and start a whole new one, the operating system will clear the way to make more resources for the new app. However, if you feel that you have to make room for more space, then all you have to do is press down the home button and on the right hand side of your phone, you will have a column of apps from which you can choose which app to kill and which one to resume.

4. Customize away

New to Android? Here are few things you need to know

Thanks to a copious number of launchers available for the operating system, users can easily customize their apps, as well as their Widgets in the home screen. However, you should take care on the amount of system resources that the launchers will consume. Also, adding to many apps and/or too many Widgets on to the home screen can result in a laggy browsing experience so just add what you require on the home screen.

5: Battery life will deplete faster

New to Android? Here are few things you need to know

Regardless of how flexible the android operating system is to the user, there are a few drawbacks to using it. One of the things that happens to be the bane for operating system users is the insufficient charge time. Even though smartphones are being equipped with batteries that offers a larger charge capacity, the problem lies within in the operating system. Perhaps Google has its work cut out for it and will have to make more than a few amends for the operating system to grant sufficient battery time to the user. Nevertheless, you don’t get a dozen great features without making a few trade – offs.

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