New Anthem Screenshots Look Fantastic, Comparison To E3 2018 Build

Anthem has received some new screenshots and there is also a comparison available to view for Anthem that shows how the game stands next to the E3 2018 Build.

Anthem is out on February 22 and it is also getting a demo ahead of launch. Bioware is working on Anthem and sharing new information about it every week, and they have recently revealed some new screenshots and showed the same area Fort Tarsis area from the original E3 gameplay reveal.

First of all, the screenshots that were shared by Bioware can be viewed in the gallery below. (source 1, 2)

The first is just an environmental screenshot that gives vibes of Destiny. The second is a screenshot of an interceptor, which is a class in Anthem.

Bioware also recently held a live stream for Anthem where they showed some new footage. The interesting portion of the stream was when they showed the same area as E3 2018. Of course, with time, it will look different. Keep in mind that this was just an early look at the game so a lot of effects might not be there compared to the polished E3 build, but it is always fun to see how a game evolves across the course of its development. (source)

Anthem will be out on February 22nd for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is being developed by Bioware and published by EA. Recently, it was rumored that the game will be delayed but Bioware has denied any such claims confirming the release date will remain the same.

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