‘Howling Abyss’ map and champion Lissandra launched in League of Legends

Today, Riot Games released patch 3.6 on League of Legends, along with an explanatory trailer of the Freljord lore. The patch includes several new skins, champion reworks, a new map, as well as a brand new champion.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”9nVa8sbFuuY”]

Firstly, Lissandra, the Ice Sorceress, is the newest addition to the champion roster. Leader of the Frostguard tribe, Lissandra is a mana-efficient AP (Ability Power) champion that utilizes a great kit of area of effect and crowd control abilities. She can be played as either a top or mid laner. LoL players can buy Lissandra, along with her Bloodstone skin, for a total amount of 1462 Riot Points.

Furthermore, Riot Games has also added three new skins: Ice Drake Shyvana, Runeguard Volibear and legendary skin Blackfrost Anivia. The latter features new spell effects, animations and voice overs which match the dark look. Additionally, champions Sejuani and Trundle have received major transformations, having both new splash arts, spell animations, game mechanics and in-game models. Moreover, Nunu’s splash art was updated as well.

Finally, the new ‘Howling Abyss’ map was added to the ARAM game mode (‘All Random All Mid’ matchmaking). This ARAM map takes place in the Freljord saga, where champions fight for one of the three following tribe leaders: Ashe, Lissandra & Sejuani. Players can prove their allegiance to one of the three ice overlords by changing their summoner icons.


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