New Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots

Some new screenshots for the upcoming addition to the Arkham games, Batman: Arkham Origins, have been revealed. They show Bruce Wayne’s always-loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth, the Mad Hatter and the Batcave.

Batman: Arkham Origins is expected to make an appearance at Gamescom in a few days. Gamescom is, in a way, the European equivalent for E3.

You can view the screenshots below.

Batman: Arkham Origins is due for an October release for the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. We expect that this will be the last Batman Arkham game. Lets hope that it surpasses Arkham City, which won numerous awards including Game of the Year and was met with great critical acclaim.

Previously, the Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition was revealed for the United States, which contains a statue, some DLC, the Knightfall pack, a skin etc.

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