New Battlefield 4 Update Causes Netcode Issues, Rubberbanding and Crashes

There seems to be a new Battlefield 4 update every month and these updates fix tons of problems that the fans complain. However, some of the bigger problems haven’t been solved yet.

The fans constantly complain about the never ending issues caused by the Netcode. Something that has been an issue since the game has come out. Even though DICE has attempted to fix the issues, the issues don’t go away. DICE recently released a new update which fixed a lot of glitches and other annoying issues which spoils the gaming experience.

battlefield_4 gameplay

The game update released alongside the Dragon’s Teeth DLC has introduced Netcode issues as well as connection issues to Battlefield 4. Players have complained about one hit kills, getting shot behind cover, poor hit detection and rubberbanding issues. The reason behind of all these is the Netcode.

The PC players were greatly effected by the update as the number of client crashes has increased dramatically. This is a huge setback for DICE as it took them months to fix this issue.

Battlefield 4 gameplay 1

DICE have listened to the fans and have advised them to activate the high-frequency option in the network settings and set their display settings to high until they resolve the problem. However, players who have followed DICE’s instructions are still complaining about the same issues and have reported that the settings have little to no effect on the issues cause due to the Netcode.

The New Dragon’s Teeth DLC maps seem to be effected the most by these issues and DICE is working on a server patch which will resolve all of these issues.

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