New Blade Master Update for Infinity Blade III Out Now

The popular action role-playing game known as Infinity Blade III receives a brand new update today which adds tons of new features and content to the game.

The new update called Blade Master adds a new Deathless called Collector, to the game. The name itself tells you a lot about the new deathless. The Collector travels the world in search of the finest and deadliest weapons known to man and it is your job to track him down and eliminate him but he is not the only new enemy you will have to face as the Blade Master update adds another Deathless to the game called Ryth.

Infinity Blade III

If you’re still having a hard time adjusting to Infinity Blade III’s combat system then the update adds the perfect thing for you. After downloading the Blade Master update, players will be able to use the training area which features a dummy who you can beat up without having to worry about taking damage and become the a fighter with flawless fighting techniques.

Aside from the new deathless and training area, the Blade Master update includes new treasure maps, new items, a new goal chase feature and just like every game update, it includes balancing tweaks and fixes all the bugs.

The price of the game has also been reduced to $2.99 in celebration of the release of the new Blade Master update so download the game on your iOS device now.

Abdullah Raza


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