Call of Duty 2014 will be revealed on May 4, gets first teaser image

We are just 3 days away from the grand unveiling of the new Call of Duty. According to the teaser page, which was titled ‘A New Era’ on the Call of Duty website, the game will be revealed on the 4th of May.

The title of the teaser page says ‘A New Era’. Everyone has been talking about how Sledgehammer has helped Infinity Ward with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 so they will be continuing the Modern Warfare series but after seeing that title, that is highly unlikely. So the title suggests that this will be a brand-new series with a brand-new storyline.

The teaser page also has a count-down on top which will end on Sunday, May 4th at 10 AM CST, so we will get information about the new Call of Duty at the start of May just as we expected. When the count-down ends, it might reveal the first trailer for the Call of Duty.

Today, Call of Duty’s Official Twitter tweeted:


— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) May 1, 2014

Sledgehammer Games and Activision are really emphasizing on the whole ‘A New Era’ thing so we will most probably see a brand-new series in Call of Duty. But the main question is which time period will the game take place in? In the past, Call of Duty has gone from modern times, in Modern Warfare, to the Future, in Black Ops 2, so we don’t know what to expect from this new game. There has been a rumor going around that the new Call of Duty will be in the World War 1 era But recently, an image of the new Call of Duty on GameInformer did not look as if it is set in the World War 1 era, instead it looks futuristic.

new CODfullsize

We will find out a lot about the game when the timer on the Call of Duty website goes down to zero Sunday, May 4th at 10 AM CST. Until then, we can do nothing but wait.

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