New Daring Escapes Trailer Released For Dishonored 2

A new trailer has just gone live for Dishonored 2, titled Daring Escapes, and it gives players a brief look at the multiple different powers available to both protagonists, and how they can be used to make some creative getaways.

The first half of the trailer showcases the powers of Emily Kaldwin, and the other half deals with Corvo Attano. Emily dashes across the floor using Shadow Walk and makes effective use of the Doppelganger power to both disable and distract enemies.

We also see her use the Mesmerize power to summon a spirit that can distract multiple enemies by putting them in a trance, so Emily can sneak by undetected. Domino lets her link the fates of a number of enemies in order to effectively kill them all by targeting just one.


Corvo Bends Time, uses Possession and teleport himself instantly using Blink. But this time around he has a few upgraded powers as well, such as Chain Host, that lets him quickly transition between possessed hosts and Redirective Blink, that allows for some impressive mid-air time stoppage in order to aim Blink.

New Dishonored 2 Gameplay Features Protagonist Corvo Attano

Dishonored 2 is set to release on 11th November, 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. You can also check out some more story details here.

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