New Days Gone Screenshots Show Freakers, Bike Riding And More

Days Gone is an upcoming open world survival horror game from Sony Bend Studio. It is currently in development exclusively for the PS4 and set to launch in early 2019. Sony has shared some brand new screens for Days Gone ahead of its showcase at E3 2019. These screenshots give an idea of what to expect from the world in Days Gone where you will face dangers lurking around every corner.

Days Gone will attempt to mix its open world survival horror elements with a Sons of Anarchy type of story that revolves around a Biker gang that has to survive in this post apocalyptic world. The open world in Days Gone promises a lot of dynamic interactions and features an impressive amount of the infested creatures, also called Freakers in the game.

Days Gone was initially revealed at E3 2016 with an impressive live demo that featured a horde of Freakers attempting to attack the main character as he tries to survive. The large amount of the Horde made the experience all the more exhilarating and this seems to be a central core of the game.

Days Gone was initially teased for 2018 by Sony Worldwide Studios’ Shuhei Yoshida but it was later announced to launch in early 2019. The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 and will also support the PS4 Pro hardware for improved visuals.

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