New Destiny Hotfix Ends Omnigul Farming Exploit And More

Earlier today, Bungie released a new hotfix for Destiny. The hotfix was mainly centered around the strikes and Archon’s Forge. As Bungie stated, the update makes changes that address issues which became apparent after the first week of gameplay after the release of Rise of Iron.


The hotfix makes changes to several strikes. Some strikes, such as Abomination Heist Strike, Winter’s Run Strike and Echo Chamber Strike, did not reward players according to their light level. This has been fixed and now players will be rewarded according to their light level.


Since the release of Rise of Iron, players have been able to achieve high light levels due to an exploit in the Omnigul Strike called The Will of Crota. In the strike, players managed to kill Omnigul when she first appears in the strike, before going to the final area. After killing Omnigul, players killed themselves and repeated the same process over and over again. Omnigul dropped high tier loot which allowed players to level up very quickly.

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This hotfix made changes to the Omnigul strike, and now players will not longer be able to use this exploit. Now, Omnigul will only drop rewards once per strike, and will require the strike to be finished to drop additional rewards.

Archon’s Forge: 

Bungie also made changes to the drop rates of Archon’s Forge Offerings. Archon’s Forge Offerings will now drop in the Quarantine Patrol missions from the Splicer Priest in the second phase of the activity. Archon’s Forge now also has a higher chance to drop Offerings upon completion as well.

General Fixes:

The “Beauty in Destruction” quest had an issue where it did not reward players with a Gjallarhorn upon completion. The issue has been fixed and players can retrieve their Gjallarhorn from the Weapon Blueprint Collection on the Year 1 tab.


The issue where the Vanguard Reputation Booster did not reward players with additional Vanguard Reputation in the Siva Crisis Playlist has also been fixed.

The Destiny hotfix is now live, and will be downloaded in-game. It is around 500kb in size so it will take no time at all to download.

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