New Destiny microtransactions reveal a ‘pay to loot’ model

A series of new microtransactions discovered in the Destiny database reveal a likely shift towards a ‘pay to loot’ model. Through these purchasable benefits, players will be able to increases the likelihood of weapon and armor drops and also fully level their Guardian’s currently equipped subclass.


A full list of the new microtransactions along with their descriptions can be seen below.

  • Indomitable Light: Increases likelihood of weapon and armor drops from your next King’s Fall foe
  • Valorous Light: Increases likelihood of weapon and armor drops from your next Heroic King’s Fall foe
  • Subclass Infusion: Fully levels your currently equipped subclass
  • Titan Level 25 Starter Pack: Contains a Level 25 Boost, Subclass Infusion, and Telemetries
  • Heuristic Light: Grants an additional Moldering Shard when conquering a foe in King’s Fall
  • Campaign Medals: Mementos that brag of past military successes. An inspiration to defeat the Cabal. Increases XP gain from Cabal for 10 minutes.

Such microtransactions could certainly have a negative impact on the game’s popularity. The idea of making making money from those who’re willing to pay can lead to a situation where the developer could lower drop rates in order to encourage more players to take the microtransaction route.

Essentially, this could mean that regular players will be made to spend much more time in acquiring rare loot and item drops by design. This is a far cry from Bungie’s original claim that mircotransactions in Destiny would entirely cosmetic.

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Muhammad Ali Bari

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