New Destiny Screenshots Released by Bungie

A few of days ago, Bungie released a couple of screenshots which revealed one of the many stations from the game and this station is called The Tower. Here players can interact with each other and upgrade their equipment which will help them on their missions.

Aside from the interaction and equipment upgrades, players can also make a group or a team and go on missions together. From The Tower, players can go on new and exclusive missions, since the universe of Destiny has a lot of dynamism and interactivity. By looking at these screenshots, you can get an idea of how amazing and beautiful Destiny will be visually. The visual engine, Umbra 3, did its job and provided us with stunning and flawless visuals. The Umbra 3 features realistic global effects and a real-time dynamic lighting effects which really makes this game one of a kind.

Destiny Screenshot 1

This images shows us what the moon looks like in Destiny. You can see just how amazing the lighting effects of the Umbra 3 are and how realistic it makes everything look.

Destiny Screenshot 2

In this image, we can see what looks like an Air Craft Hanger and just how detailed this game is and how much effort goes into developing each and every area of the game.

Bungie is doing an amazing job with Destiny. Visually, it looks amazing and the gameplay looks flawless. The Role-Playing and First-Person shooter will be available for everyone to enjoy on the 9th of September, 2014 and will be available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. So far, their isn’t any confirmation about the PC version.

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