New Destiny Update Changes Engram Drops, Silver Dust Economy And More

Bungie has released a new update for their first-person shooter, Destiny. The update made a few tweaks to the Silver Dust economy and the SIVA Key Fragment drops in the Wrath of the Machine raid.

With update, Bungie intends to improve the ‘quality of life in Destiny: Rise of Iron’. A change that the update introduces is that now, armor obtained from decrypting Dust Iron Engrams, which can be purchased from Lord Saladin, will convert into Silver Dust when you dismantle them.So you will not get Silver Dust instead of Legendary Marks.


Another welcomed change related to the Silver Dust is that now players do not require Silver Dust to apply ornaments to their Trials of Osiris, Iron Lord and Wrath of the Machine Heroic mode armor.

Bungie also made changes to the engrams. Previously, engrams did not drops any Vanguard or Crucible weapons, however, now engrams have a chance of dropping Vanguard or Crucible weapons. The Skeleton Key drop rate from the Taken Archon Priest in the Winter’s Run strike has also been change. Bungie stated that the strike was not dropping Skeleton Keys “at the intended rate.” That issue has been fixed and Skeleton Keys will drop more frequently. The update also increases the drops of SIVA Key Fragments from the Wrath of the Machine raid, and a glitch on the Crucible map ‘Skyline’ have also been fixed.

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A complete list of all the changes in Update is given below:



  • Fixed an issue where The Taken Archon Priest in the Winter’s Run Strike was not dropping Skeleton Keys at the intended rate



  • Fixed an issue where players were able to access the rooftops on Skyline


  • Fixed an issue where Rise of Iron Vanguard and Crucible weapons were not decrypting from Engrams
  • Fixed an issue where Comitatus was continuing to not drop properly from Faction Packages for players who own Kondratyuk’s Escape
  • Fixed an issue where Armor decrypted from Dusty Engrams was dismantling into Legendary Marks
    • It will now dismantle into 1 Silver Dust
  • Removed Silver Dust cost to apply Iron Lord, Trials of Osiris, and Heroic Mode Raid Armor Ornaments
  • Players will now earn SIVA Key Fragments at an overall increased rate
    • The first time a Raid boss is killed on Normal difficulty they will drop three SIVA Key Fragments. For the next kill that week, they will drop two, and then one for the third kill that week
    • After the fourth or greater kill, the boss will no longer drop SIVA Key Fragments for the week
    • The same behavior will occur for killing Heroic bosses

Destiny update is now live on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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