New Dissidia Final Fantasy Announced

Square Enix has revealed a brand new Dissidia Final Fantasy game at the on-going Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO). Sadly, this announcement is not what we all were expecting for it.

Officially announced at JAEPO, this new game in the popular Dissidia series is being developed for the Arcades in Japan. You can check a teaser trailer of the game below.

The game will have 3 versus 3 battle between the players. The new introduction to the cast is Final Fantasy XIV character Y’shtola, who will be playable in the game. Square Enix will release more information about the game on April 10th.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is a popular Final Fantasy spin-off series that started on the PlayStation Portable. It pits the Final Fantasy main cast of heroes against the main villains of the Final Fantasy games. The game has done really well in Japan for a spin-off series but was missing in action for a while, probably due to the lack of a popular platform to release it on after the decline of portable systems.

Square Enix has also released a key art for the game which you can check below.


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