New Doom Update Comes Out Later Today

id Software are working on an update for Doom, which will be released this Friday. The update adds two brand new multiplayer modes to the game, alongside new content for the SnapMap level creation tool.

The new game modes included in the update are Exodus, and Sector. In Exodus, players have to capture a flag located in the middle of the map, while in Sector, players have to take control and hold a capture point.

DOOM Review (PS4)

Tons of new content is being added to the SnapMap. New construction models, the campaign weapon wheel, and a hell visual theme will be added to Doom’s level creation tool.

After releasing an update earlier this month, this will be the second update id Software is releasing in July. Aside from the update, id Software is also working on the upcoming DLC for Doom. Unto the Evil will be released on August 5th, and will include three new multiplayer maps, Offering, Cataclysm and Ritual; new weapons, UAC EMG Pistol; new equipment, Kinetic Mine; and a new playable Demon, Harvester.

Doom Harvester

The update will also add a marine customization feature to Doom. Players will now be able to try out new armor sets, colors, patterns, and taunts for their marines. Unto the Evil will cost $14.99 when it comes out on August 5th.

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